Garden State Surfin’ Style

Garden State Surfin’ Style

I was contacted by a friend I’ve known since 7th grade to create a Father’s Day pen for her husband.  I’ve never met him, but spent hours studying his likeness from several photographs provided by his wife.

I was pretty happy with the way I was able to capture his facial likeness.  Next step was the body…  This was one of my first attempts at creating a full body base, and I became obsessed with trying to get it the way I was envisioning it.  After three attempts, I think I achieved what I was seeing in my head.

He has tattoos covering most of his arms, chest and back, so it was a challenge to reproduce all of them accurately in clay.  If I were to attempt this again, I think I might try painting on the tattoos with acrylic paints, as they might be more realistic in that medium.  But Father’s Day was approaching quickly, and I needed to get this in the mail to the Garden State.

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