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The World Traveler

The World Traveler I’m getting better at creating caricatures in clay of actual people.  Well, I should say, that I’m getting better at creating MEN in clay. I still am working on my techniques with creating women.  Maybe I should just try the techniques like the kids from Weird Science. I’ve got a few creations of women coming up that will put my skills to the test.  I better start brushing up. Until then, I wanted to share a recent commission for Father’s Day.  This gentleman loves to travel the world, and I enjoyed the opportunity to create his sticker-embossed, old school suitcase and globe as props.  The glasses were a particular challenge, until my wife suggested small pieces of lamination for the lenses.  She’s one smart cookie.   Maybe she can teach me how to sculpt a woman too....

It’s time for the Ort Report!

It’s time for the Ort Report! Those were the days… Way back in another lifetime (circa 1998) I wound up in New England teaching environmental education at a great place called Nature’s Classroom. If you can imagine a situation where a group of 10-15 educational misfits, pulled from every corner of the globe, are hired to live in a secluded area of New England under one roof  (this kind of sounds like an episode of the Real World) and:   are entrusted to supervise 12 middle school children while exploring a 1000 acre woods… and at random moments scream “CAMOUFLAGE!” in which you expect the kids scatter like rats encouraged your field group to  walk across a frozen lake (that was tested by driving a truck across it – that makes sense, right?) have students role play as insects, snakes and eagles while they run through the woods trying to assimilate each other into their food chains re-enact the Underground Railroad while they scare the bejesus out of kids in the dark woods at night teach classes like Food Dissection, Roller Coasters, and dissect an ocean’s worth of sharks. Pass around a plastic bead, looking for kids doing IALAC-y type things.  (IALAC is an acronym for “I Am Loving And Caring”…  Yeah, I know… those damn hippies…) … you would have a good idea of what it’s like to teach at Nature’s Classroom. So….  one of my most cherished artifacts from my time at Nature’s Classroom was my 20th anniversary NC mug.  And then, one morning, while turning around too quickly, I slammed my treasured mug into the side of the cabinet and blammo… I put out a bat signal to my old Nature’s Classroom comrades.  Surely, someone would feel my pain and might have another mug stashed in their attic, basement, or tucked away at back of the cupboard. An old friend came through and sent me a new mug (never used!) to replace my broken relic.  I was very thankful to this gentleman.  So, I was inspired to create something special for him to show my thanks. I’d like share with you the Nature’s Classroom field group leader pen…  complete with yellow anniversary mug, IALAC bead and t-shirt, and keen sideways glance, used for guarding against kids doing mischievous things. Go Bananas, Go Go...

Royal flush beats a straight?

Royal flush beats a straight? I know nothing about poker. Except maybe that I lose almost every time I play.  That’s not the case for the recipient of this custom pen.  He plays poker almost every week, and usually comes home with the big pot of dough.  I hear the big pot of dough is mostly in quarters, but it still probably adds up...

Fox 8 Greensboro – Roy’s Folks Feature

Fox 8 Greensboro – Roy’s Folks Feature Ink Slingers were featured by Roy’s Folks, which highlights area artists, events, museums, and just plain ol’ people of interest.  A Fox 8 news producer found me at my First Friday booth back in April and asked if I’d be interested in being featured on their news program.  Most certainly, thank you. Check out and LIKE the Fishworks: Ink Slingers Facebook page for new art updates!        ...

See that old Blue Devil smoke arising to the sky.

See that old Blue Devil smoke arising to the sky. I’ve been trying my hand at creating college sports mascots lately.  I’ve got the Demon Deacon, Buzz the YellowJacket, the Maryland Terrapin, UNC Ram, and now the Duke Blue Devil.  I have no loyalties to any one specific team, so I’ll make ’em all. I think next I’ll try some of the more obscure ones.  Any fans of the Arkansas-Monticell Boll Weevils?   Or here’s a list of the 20 most obscure college mascots.   In the meantime, here’s my rendition of the Duke Blue...

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the GT Yellowjacket

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the GT Yellowjacket This custom Buzz pen was created as a Father’s Day gift for a graduate of Georgia Tech.  Buzzzzzzzz buzzzz fizzz fizzzzz....

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