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Have you been flossing? Don’t lie.

Have you been flossing?   Don’t lie. Over the holidays, I was commissioned to create a pen for a man who knows my bicuspid molars better than anyone in Greensboro.  And the United States.  And, well…  I guess planet Earth too.  The super staff at Dr. Hyman’s office wanted to give him a personalized gift this year, one that featuring all the little inside jokes that make their office a great place to work.  I feel it’s one of my best Caricatures in Clay yet. And please… don’t forget to floss.  You can’t lie to your dentist.  He’s like the Santa Claus of dental hygiene.  He...

Sparty the Spartan

Sparty the Spartan I’m back in the artist chair after a pretty long hiatus from working in polymer clay.  This was my first piece back in the saddle.  The challenging part was all of Sparty’s muscles, I really wanted to make the muscles anatomically correct for muscle placement (although Sparty’s muscles are anything but normal).  I hope Sparty enjoys his new home on this young man’s desk. Some background on the Sparty costume / mascot for Michigan State: Made of hi-tech materials, including a vinyl chest plate and fiberglass molds like the ones used for making Muppets, the seven-foot costume weighs in at 40 pounds, allowing enough flexibility for playful gestures and animation. Sparty is a far cry from the many papier-mache heads that have popped up since the 1950’s, mostly from fraternity efforts. The first official one apparently debuted in 1955 courtesy of Theta Xi. By contrast, the current Sparty costume is a state-of-the-art, full-bodied uniform that costs $12,000. Today students – their identities kept private – take turns being Sparty. Because of the costume size, Sparty aspirants must be between 5-10 and 6-2 in height. Candidates who fit the physical needs are chosen after a hands-on process that includes tryouts and interviews...

You’ve got to run like an antelope

You’ve got to run like an antelope I was asked my friend EP to create a runner pen for his wife, Julie.  When finally completed, it turned out to my tallest piece to date. There were a few personal details he wanted to me to include, such as her style of running shoe, a bottle of wine (because who doesn’t love to run on a belly full of wine) and her favorite book, Harry Potter.  I started with the pen (the head) and then began sculpting her running shoes.   I think I did a pretty darn good tootin’ job of recreating her shoes.   (To see images of the work in progress, see second gallery below) I also wanted to capture the figure in a natural running stance, which would later give me a headache as I tried to figure out a way to keep him from falling over (note the wire-ring support under the right foot). It was a challenging piece to create!  Thanks EP and Julie for the chance to make you something special. Pen creation in process:...

Caricatures in Clay – Carmen was a Race Car Driver

Caricatures in Clay – Carmen was a Race Car Driver My latest (and most detailed piece to date) is a Caricature in Clay of Carmen, a fine gentleman from New Jersey.  His wife wanted to give him something really different for his 61st birthday, so we worked together to create a clay pen of him driving one of his favorite remote controlled cars. I tried a new method with this piece as well.  I always had a little difficulty with the clay shrinking slightly after it is baked, so often the pen would not fit as smoothly as it did pre-baking.  I’ve started using small pieces of copper piping inside the bases, and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks to Carmen’s wife, Virginia, for working with me on this piece!  ...

Caricatures in Clay – The Fly Fishing Edition

Caricatures in Clay – The Fly Fishing Edition There’s a saying that goes, “A day spent fishing doesn’t count against your allotted days….it’s a freebie….you get to live a day longer!” Sam is an avid fly fisher.  And he loves his fishing bandanas.  So much, that his fishing buddies are always asking what color he’ll be wearing each day.  This was a fun piece to make, as I had a chance to add some fun details with the three trout and fishing vest.  The bandana was challenging too, as I’m learning to focus in our how fabric folds and lays when it is worn....

Can’t I live while I’m young?

Can’t I live while I’m young? I’m heading down to Charlotte in a few weeks to see one of my favorite bands Phish.  I’ve spent a lot of time recently listening to their new album and recent shows and made this while zoning out to a few sets one night. Phiiiiiiiiiiiii-sh!!! Check him out on Etsy and have him on your doorstep in a few...

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