Can I make the little man fly now, Mommy?

Can I make the little man fly now, Mommy?

“Not this little man. This little man is going home now.”

Half-man.  Golden Lion. Lannister, Son of Tywin. Dependable payer of debts. Hand of the King.  Master of Coin.

Tyrion is one of my favorite GoT characters, so when I was asked to create a pen of Tyrion for one of my former middle school students, (Thanks RC!) I jumped at the chance. It was a fun and challenging piece to create…  I think I could have made his face a tad bit wider, but the canvas of the pen is pretty narrow.

I haven’t read the books, so I’m anxious to see what becomes of Tyrion over the course of the next few seasons. (no spoilers, punks!)  As the past three years of watching GoT have taught me, I probably shouldn’t get too attached him though…   He’ll probably lose his head by the end of Season 4.

 I can create most anything for you! Custom orders available.

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