About The Fishworks

About The Fishworks

Ink Slingers are one-of-a-kind gifts perfect for any occasion. Each Ink Slinger pen is individually hand crafted – no two pens are ever alike.

Need a conversation starter? Your Ink Slinger will definitely be the center of attention. It will look great on your desk at work or at home. Make writing and doodling fun again with your very own Ink Slinger!

Order your very own Ink Slinger through The Fishworks Etsy store or order a custom Ink Slinger designed just for you!





About The Artist

solarized matt

Matt Fisher is a self-taught artist, who began playing with polymer clay in 1998 as an art activity for children with disabilities. From there, it grew into a hobby in which he made a whopping $12 whole bucks at holiday craft fairs.

He put down his clay tools for 15 years to concentrate on other life adventures,  such as raising kids, teaching middle school, and exploring the flora and fauna of Planet Earth.  Then, during the holiday break he picked the tools back up to create some clay sculptures with his daughters.

Since early 2014, he’s created custom polymer clay pieces for folks from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts, and has been featured by the local news media and on an international polymer clay website.

When he’s not zoning out at the dining room table surrounded by polymer clay, you might find him hiking, drawing, journaling, or playing kickball in the backyard.

Contact him at matt@fishworksart.com.



The Fishworks and Ink Slingers were featured on Fox 8 News!


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